How to cut the cost of your renovation

Want to renovate but terrified of the cost?  Here are some great tips on how to reduce the cost of your renovation.

1) Flooring:

Consider using lino instead of tiles or floating floors.  Lino has come a long way from the sticky eighties coverings often found in your mate’s gran’s house or any Kiwi batch.

The designs these days are functional, stylish and much cheaper than alternative options.  

2) Buy a ready-made shower

Use a shower tray and lining with standard measurements.  Buying a ready-made shower off the shop floor will bring down your labour costs, and you won’t have to pay for tiles either.

3) Avoid using tiles in your bathroom

Think about using paint instead of tiles.  Save your tiles for areas which are likely to come in contact with water - behind your basin or the wall in front of your bath.  But otherwise, paint does the trick and is much more cost-effective, too.

4) Think about the areas you value most

Think practically about how you use your house and the areas that are used most.

You may love relaxing in a bath, and want to opt for a super comfortable design.  You may loathe doing the dishes and want a sink that’s going to make it less of a pain.

By thinking about what you need from your house, you’ll have a much better gauge on where to spend your money. 

5) Try not to get up-sold on expensive design features.

Most of us aren’t creating a house to appear on Grand Designs NZ. Keep a lid on costs by buying vanities off the shop floor (rather than custom made models) and quality tapware that is well-made but won’t break the bank. Invest in a compost bin rather than an Insinkerator.  (The compost will help your garden grow after the diggers come through, too.)

6) Try not to move your plumbing fixtures

Moving plumbing around costs more as new pipes have to be set up to connect to your water supply.  If you’re keen to save money, keep sinks where they are and don’t move taps – just replace them.